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School day

The school day starts at 8.50 am and finshes at 3.30pm. 


The school day begins at 8.50 am.  Before this time it is the responsibility of parents to supervise their child, but we ask that you do not arrive before 8.35 am. 

8.50am                 Start of school day 

8.55-9.00              Registration

9.00- 10.20           Lessons

10.20-10.40          Collective Worship

10.40-10.55          Break time

11.00-12.15          Lessons

12.15-13.15          Lunch

13.15-15.30          Lessons

Mid-afternoon      Break for Classes

                              (KS2 Classes at teachers' discretion)

15.30                    End of School

The school runs a variety of after school clubs. For more information see the After School Activity page or ask Mrs Mustoe on Reception.