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Restorative Practices

We are a Restorative School!

A restorative school is one which takes a restorative approach to resolving conflict and preventing harm.

Restorative approaches enable those who have been harmed to convey the impact of the harm to those responsible, and for those responsible to acknowledge this impact and take steps to put it right.

Restorative approaches refer to a range of methods and strategies which can be used both to prevent relationship-damaging incidents from happening and to resolve them if they do happen.

Restorative practices play a vital role in our behaviour policy.  At Christopher Reeves, we believe that we all have a part to play in ensuring that we build out school community in a positive way and maintain positive relationships in order to live and work in harmony with each other.

All children at Christopher Reeves Primary School are trained in restorative techniques and are encouraged to take responsibility for their actions and behaviours.  All classes within the school spend time building community through the use of check in and check out circles.  We also use Collective Worship and our values education to think about how our values can enrich our lives and lead us in our learning.

Our core principles are as follows:


Have High Expectations     Build positive relationships                  Be positive                        Show Respect