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School Meals

At Christopher Reeves we are supported by a catering company 'Caterlink' to provide our school lunches. We buy this service from Bedford Borough Council.

The school meals are free to all children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 through the Government 'Universal Infant Free School Meals' initiative which began in September 2014.

Children in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 are invited to have school lunches, at a cost of £2.10 per day for Nursery and Years 3 and 4 and £2.20 per day for Years 5 and 6.  (Free to children of parents who qualify for Free School Meals by meeting set criteria.)

Payment is made on-line, please see details below of how to create an account.

We encourage all parents to look at the 'Free School Meals' criteria to see if they may qualify. If they do, we are able to receive 'Pupil Premium' funding for each child to provide intervention, support and extra experiences with which to increase the amount of academic progress children make.

Please click on the following link to the application form detailing the criteria for Free School Meals or alternatively speak to Mrs Mustoe in the school office.

Online School Meals Payment System

School meals must be paid on line via a Caterlink account.  This can be created by visiting   If you are visiting the system for the first time, you will need to create a new account. To do this click “Register” and enter your child’s Individual Student ID (SIM) and last name (as detailed below, please use only the information detailed below). Upon doing this, the system will confirm back to you, your child’s first name and school. If this is correct you will then be required to enter a number of other details to create the account. If this information is not correct please contact your school.

School Name: Christopher Reeves Primary School

UPN: Please ask the school office for this number

Once the account is created you can log on and top up your child’s account at any time. Please note you can only create one account per child and if you have more than once child at the school, you will need to create one account for each child. Should you not want to use the online payment facility, you can continue to take money to the school office where the money will be loaded onto the students account. If you claim free school meals for your child you will not need to register, your child’s account will be credited automatically.

If you have any questions about this system, please do not hesitate to contact the Caterlink team at Emails will be responded to within 36 hours.

To view the menu for Autumn Term 2020, please click on the following link: