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Home Learning

Tier One – Individual children requiring to self-isolate

  • The class teacher will set learning activities via Google classroom. These will be based on the learning objectives covered in class for that week.
  • Learning activities will be set at the beginning of the isolation period and will consist of several learning activities.
  • The activities set will predominantly be a link to Oak Academy and White Rose Maths where families can access a teaching video and worksheets/activities linked to the video.  There may also be some worksheets for the children to complete.

Tier Two – A whole bubble is required to isolate

  • The class teacher will set learning activities via Google classroom on a daily basis.
  • English, maths and at least one other subject will be set for each school day.
  • There will be some video lessons included in the offer.  Details of these will be communicated via Google Classroom.
  • All families will be contacted by telephone at least once during the isolation period
  • If digital devices are required, we will do our best to accommodate needs following the survey completed in September
  • If you require work to be printed off, please inform us at the start of the isolation period and we will make arrangements to get these to you

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is our online learning platform for all children at Christopher Reeves Primary.  It is accessed in a web browser (Google Chrome recommended) or via the Google Classroom app (recommended for any pupils using smartphones or tablets) and will be used by teachers to set homework and share home learning resources in virtual classrooms that pupils are members of.  Google Classroom is password protected and is only accessible to teachers and pupils.  If pupils are isolating, this platform will also be used to facilitate pupils accessing the classroom via video link so that they can still be a part of the learning in the classroom (virtually) alongside their peers.

Google classroom can be accessed via this link:

please click on the following links to see which lessons your child can access live using Google Meet:






Home Learning Additional Links

Other activities that can be accessed to support home learning can be found below:

Storytime Videos (Reception to Year 6)

Islington Library Service have recorded lots of story-time videos for children from Reception to Year 6.  These can be accessed via the following link:


Oxford Owl

You will need to register for free, however, once registered there are hundreds of ebooks that can be accessed.


White Rose Maths

This link includes videos to the learning that is happening in the classroom.  Please contact teachers for the worksheets to accompany the videos.


Oak Academy

A website with hundreds of learning videos delivered by teachers for all subjects of the National Curriculum.


Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing

The PSHE Association has some useful information and online resources which can be accessed here to support with pupils mental health and emotional wellbeing.



An increasing amount of resources have been produced by NATRE (National Association of Teachers of RE), which can be used to support home learning.


A few other ideas...