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Our Values

​Christopher Reeves is one of the first of a small number of schools in the UK and around the world to have achieved the Values Quality Mark (held since March 2010). As a church school we firmly believe in the importance of a values-led curriculum which puts good relationships at the heart of our school community and continues to underpin the drive to improve standards.  As a result there is a calm and purposeful feel in the school, which visitors often comment on.

Our core values have evolved in consultation with staff, governors, parents and children.  They reflect our Christian foundation, and are linked explicitly with the teachings of the Bible: Love, Hope, Trust, Community, Thankfulness, Peace, Courage, Forgiveness, Service/Stewardship, Compassion, Justice.

We have a two year rolling programme of Values and each half term we focus on one value across the school. Children are given opportunities in a range of contexts ( during worship, in lessons, at lunchtimes, and after school clubs) to explore what the current value means for them in their daily lives as well as understand its context in relation to the Bible. 

We celebrate those children who have demonstrated the ability to live their values in school as well as in their home lives, communicating these successes through our weekly celebration assemblies, and in regular newsletters home.