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Oak Home Learning

Oak class home learning for week commencing 13th July


  • Continue logging onto Times Tables Rock Stars and Prodigy.
  • Click on White Rose, summer term week 12, click on either year 5 or 6 and complete the daily activities.

The video explains the activity and the worksheets have been uploaded to the Christopher Reeves website – Oak class home learning page.

  • Complete the arithmetic test that I have uploaded (yr5 – 1b: yr6 – 2b). Either print out or just write the answers in your book (the answers are also given for you to mark once completed.)
  • If you want to do something different this week, I have uploaded a problem solving activity ‘The mystery of the missing tennis kit Wimbledon maths mystery game.’ Work through all of the maths problems to find out who the culprit was. I have also included the answers so that you can check your work.


  • Do you know how to spell all of the year 5/6 words? Ask someone to test you on some of them.
  • Continue to read for at least 30 minutes every day.
  • Complete the 2 reading comprehensions (Fidget Spinners and the NHS) that I have uploaded. Either print them out or just write the answers in your book. There are 3 versions, but I would like you to complete the 2 or 3 stars version. Answers are included.


Year 6

Complete your year book. Write your memories of your time at Christopher Reeves primary school, complete the information about you and you have the opportunity to draw some pictures if you want in the boxes. This will be something that you can keep and look back on in years to come.

Year 5

Write a fact file ‘All About Me’. First include an opening paragraph to introduce yourself (name, age and the school that you go to)

Then decide what sub-headings you are going to include. Some suggestions are:

  • Hobbies (write about all of the things that you outside school)
  • School (write about the subjects that you like and dislike and explain why)
  • The future (write about your hopes and dreams and what job you would like to do)
  • Pets (pets that you have now and have had in the past)
  • Likes and dislikes (for example, I really like pizza but I hate spiders – add some detail)
  • Groups and clubs (do you belong to a scout group, a football team, do you go to music lessons)

Choose a minimum of 4 sub-headings and for each one write a minimum of 4 sentences.

You can include drawings if you wish to but remember to include a caption.I want you to bring your ‘All About Me’ fact files into school in September so please make sure that it is presented beautifully with your neatest handwriting.


Create a quiz about the Vikings. Write 5 questions with 3 answers for each (1 correct and 2 wrong). You can then test you friends and family on their knowledge of the Vikings.


Have a go at drawing a self-portrait. Look at the instructions that I have uploaded – How to draw a face. Follow the instructions to create a self-portrait.


Enjoy your Joe Wicks work out or go for a bike ride or a walk. Try to exercise at least twice a week. If you have tennis rackets play your very own Wimbledon match – maybe have some strawberries as well.


It was great to see you again this week on the Google Meet call and it’s always lovely to hear about what you have been up to.

Instead of bingo on our last week, we will have a treasure hunt. I will say… find something that is soft - for example.  You will then have about 1 minute to find something soft and come back to the screen to show it to us. I will then ask you to find something else.

I hope that you have made your posters to show. Remember to have them with you on Thursday for our Google Meet.

I will also be asking you how you are getting on with your ‘All About Me’ fact file.

I will also chat to you about September, tell you about our topics and answer any questions that you may have about returning to school.

Have a good week and I look forward to hearing all about what you have been doing on Thursday.