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Christopher Reeves VA Primary School

Chellington Church of England Federation

Juniper Home Learning

  • Juniper Home Learning - Week 2 starting Mon 30th March 2020

    We hope your first week of home learning has gone well! We are all new to this so please feel free to email if you have any queries regarding home learning.

    We are also keen to keep connected so if you would like to share any photos of activities at home, email them to Mrs Aellen and I will upload them onto Juniper’s page.

  • ***** Update: We have signed up to a new maths online game called Prodigy.  **********
    Email Mrs Aellen for your log in code! 

  • As with last week, please try to do one Maths, one English and one Topic or Science activity each day. Also, remember to keep active and do some physical activity each day.


    This week we would like you to try using the White Rose Maths home learning scheme. Click on the link:

  • Click your year group.
  • Watch the video explaining the concept.
  • Click on the activity and either print the sheet and complete it or if you do not want to or can’t print you can answer the questions in your home learning book. (Occasionally there are questions asking you to colour in so if you are not printing you can show an adult what you would colour.)
  • There is one lesson a day. Please start with week 1 (Year 3: Unit and non-unit fractions, Year 4:  Recognise tenths and hundredths).
  • Please make sure you do the lessons in order as they will build on the knowledge from previous days.
  • If you are keen to do more Maths then remember to keep practicing your Times Tables and also written methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The Twinkl arithmetic half tests are useful for this.


    Please do a mixture of spelling, reading writing or grammar activities.

    Reading ideas:

  • You could share a story together. This could be a chapter book where you read and discuss a chapter a day.
  • Listen to David Walliams reading from his book The World’s Worst Children
  • Listen to your child read and let them discuss what they have read. Encourage them to read with expression and intonation.
  • With your child, look in magazines, newspapers and books for new vocabulary they are unfamiliar with. They could use a highlighter to highlight in magazines and newspapers.
  • Explore new vocabulary you find when reading. What are the origins of this word? Can it be modified? Can you find any synonyms or antonyms for your new word?

    Spelling ideas:

  • Year 3  er and est words Spelling book p23 (smoother, smoothest, thinner, thinnest, closer, closest, cuter, cutest, earlier, earliest)
  • Year 4  Adjective suffixes Spelling book p23 (poetic, agreeable, active, medical, heroic, readable, attractive, comfortable, massive, magnetic)
  • If you do not have your spelling homework book you can practice these words in other ways such as writing the words into sentences or pyramid spellings.

    Writing ideas:

  • Write a letter to a family member telling them all about how your day has been.
  • Write a list poem about all the things you like. Which adjectives and adverbs could you include too?
  • E.g I like eating juicy, sweet strawberries.

  • If you were to become a superhero what would your superpower be? Write a character description of yourself as a superhero. Explain how you save the day.
  • Retell a traditional tale from another character’s point of view. E.g Tell the three little pigs from the wolf’s perspective.
  • Design an information leaflet that highlights how children can keep safe.


    Use the link to go onto the Espresso website first. Watch the video and do the activities and then you can complete the page in your Grammar books.

  • Year 3 Nouns with suffixes Grammar book p26
  • Year 4 Commas after fronted adverbials Grammar book p20
  • Science

    We have come to the end of our Science topic of Forces and Magnets. Please go on the Espresso website and watch the videos and do the activities for Forces and for Magnets. See how much you can remember about this topic. If you can’t use the website then make a factsheet with everything you can remember about Forces and magnets.

    Topic – Romans

    Create a power point or poster with the heading ‘What the Romans did for us’. Possible sub-headings: roads, towns, homes, baths, toilets, numbers, food.


    See complete activities on Good Friday: The Last Supper including a comprehension and art work.


  • Many thanks.

    Mrs Wildman/Mrs Aellen

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