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Christopher Reeves VA Primary School

Chellington Church of England Federation

Spirituality Day

We held our Spirituality Day at School on Wednesday 4th October 2017. The Bishop of Beford and our local Vicar attended. The children found it very interesting and there was lots of activity.  Please see below.

Each class visited him in the library to ask questions about life as a Bishop. Bishop Richard talked to the pupils about his clothing. He explained that the tall pointy hat he wears is called a Mitre and that this represents a candle. One of the pupils asked why he carried a stick. The Bishop explained that the stick is actually called the staff and is shaped like a shepherd’s crook to represent Jesus looking after his flocks of followers.

One of our local vicars, Rev Jacqueline, also made a labyrinth in the playground where pupils were given an explanation of how a labyrinth works, as a single journey towards the centre. We used it to represent a pathway for people to journey to the centre of God’s love.

Many other creative activities took place including colouring & making stained glass window designs, creating a mosaic, baking, painting meditation stones.

The Bishop brought Spirituality Day to a close with a blessing of the land on which the school is about to build wonderful new facilities, and sharing in the pupils’ reflection and prayers.

All the pupils and staff were very grateful to Bishop Richard for coming to visit Christopher Reeves Primary School in Podington.

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